Are all-natural skincare products good to you?

Most people on social media have said that opting for natural products had helped them to make their skin look better than before. Most of the women prefer to go for organic and natural ingredients while shopping. But there is a good amount of chance that a product which had claimed to be natural might contain ingredients which are not natural. Usually whoever prefers for nontoxic or natural products would think that they are free from all kinds of chemicals which might cause allergies, skin irritation or might be free from all kinds of parabens. But it is just a perception and cannot assure 100%. The terms organic or natural would never ensure you about healthy skin. When you are hypoallergenic, usage of natural products might not fix the problem.

Another important doubt most of them would have is whether the skincare products penetrate your skin irrespective of whether they are natural or not? Usually, the molecules are very large and might not penetrate your skin. But to improve the efficacy of the products science has come up with the latest improvements that would allow your skin to absorb better. According to proponents of the clean beauty, the particles which enter your skin might cause some kind of damage or harm to your skin. According to the environmental working group, there are certain chemicals like phthalates and parabens which would alter your hormonal balance and might increase the chances of developing cancer or might create some kind of fertility issues. In most parts of Europe, these kinds of ingredients are illegal to be used. European Union has also banned the use of certain parabens though it would allow a certain amount of paraben usage.

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